Alic Chen

(almost) all things alic

 Hi. I’m Alic (with an ‘i’). I’m a mechanical engineer by training, but my interests are wide and varied leading me dabble into things like web design/dev, ‘making’ and biz dev. I’m a strong believer in continuous learning, which might be why I stayed in school for so long :-). I built this site to share a little bit about myself with the world. It also archives some of my work while serving as a portal to my web presence.

I’m Co-Founder of The Foundry@CITRIS, a technology startup incubator based out of UC Berkeley, and also a R&D Manager at CITRIS @ UC Berkeley where I develop & support multi-institutional and multi-disciplinary research projects across 4 UC campuses. I was previously a post-doc in the Berkeley Manufacturing Institute at UC Berkeley. Prior to that, I received my PhD in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley in 2011.

For more information about me, you can check out my Bio+CV page.